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We develop / manage and offer Freecall Service,VoIP Appliance,Mobile Solutions, and more

Our company is the materialization of a group of brilliant minds who have a common objective which is to fullfill the necesities of world communications. We offer a variety of services including VoIP and IPTV. Our main goal is to provide our customers practical quality low cost communications. We are located in Panama City, Panama. (Central America)


Now you can make unlimited calls to more than 45 countries cell phone or landline including Panama from anyplace in the world through your internet connection.


Wether you are studying in a foreign country or you are on vacation or you are a traveling executive you can reach your family home, your business or any cell phone in Panama from anywhere in the world for a very low cost service with unlimited access.


Since offered the unlimited Freecall service starting from 2010, we already grew under new and advanced managment. We are offering services including unlimited Freecall; DID; VPN; and Global and Regional IPTV...more...


Save on phone bill. Speedy to reach to where you want. No any roamming while you are travelling. Make calls even you have no a SIM card.

Plan & Services

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Basic 507Freecall Plan

Monthly $25.00 /Yearly $199.00

With Basic 507 plan, you have to access internet to make unlimited calls to more than 45 countries including Panama from anywhere in the world.

General Global Plan

>Monthly $19.95 /Yearly $150.00

This option lets you call to more than 45 countries in the standard zone around the world from anywhere in the world (Panama is excluded) .

Special Country Plan

>Monthly /Yearly Add-on $

Access to unlimited calls to more than 45 countries plus you can customize which a special country you need to call. Monthly and Yearly Plan subject to change depending on the amount of special countries and location.

DID> USA Phone No

>1-Year Service: $19.99

DID means Direct Inward Dialing which is a virtual landline offered by us. You may have a phone number asigned to your device receive calls from anywhere in the world as if you where in the United States (Requires any of the calling plans) .

DID> Panama Phone No


DID-Panama means Direct Inward Dialing which is a virtual landline in Panama. You may have a this Panama DID phone number asigned to your device receive calls from Panama wherever you are in or out of country. You will no longer lost any calls during travel.

VPN Assistant

>Monthly/6M/Yearly $

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) offer a secure connection over the Internet. It is ideal for skip any region-restricted websites or VoIP service blockage, shield your browsing activity or login region from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi.

FreeTV & Regional TV

>Yearly Plan $

Now you can have access to more than 1000 channels around the world, movies, tv shows, live tv through your internet connection for more information contact us .


>Free $0

507freecall make SMS outstanding! The Golobal Free SMS will beliver your message and snap shot to anyone within the Freecall community instantly. Even without a SIM, you still can send or receive SMS through WiFi without cost a cent. This Global SMS is always Free absolutely. What you can do is using 507Freecall app.

News & Support

News Board Post

By 507Freecall Team


Since Sept 2017, one of our global server in Panama start running in order to provide much reliable quality in connectivity and remaining crystal sound to users from any country who want to call Panama. Welcome to use the server domain "online.507freecall.com" to for trying out the unique freecall service by download our updated app. Feel how amazing you will no longer phone bill and talk as long as you like...!

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Register Issue

@initial Downloaded User


If you want to make your 1st call, you have to check if the acc is registered successfully. You can see the prompt "REGISTERED" on the key pad top and an app icon always steady in the status bar. If you see the case is not same as usual, it means you are have problem to register and need to check as below:

*1 Check your internet that you must be online. *2 Entry account / password /Server properly without underline/Italic/Upper-Case/ Extra symbol. *3 Check if your ISP have policy to block VoIP service. If Yes, you need to activate VPN service firstly.

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SIP Failed showing on LCD

Happened Desktop IP-Phone


All desktop models are supported Plug&Call without setting. If it is the 1st time you plug it to a router in Home or Office, you have to check below, otherwise, simply to reboot the phone be power OFF and back on after one minute:

*1 Press the Downkey on the round navigator to check if you can obtain an IP. Router must be required to run DHCP mode. *2 If you got an IP, it means something wrong setting on your router or local ISP block VoIP service. *3 If you see " WAN DISCONNET", check if a cable is plugged on the WAN port of phone.

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Register Issue

on IOS user


There are 2 apps to support freecall account. With Zoiper SIP app, you have to select the Manual Setup option. Then you will ignore all default parameters and just input acc /pw properly without underline/Italic/Upper-Case/Extra symbol. If you might get REGISTER FAILED at 1st time. Quit the app and back in again to try if you are sure there is no error on entry. You have another App which called Adore SIP Client. It's set up is more simple than any of other apps. If still failed, check the situations as the explanation as Android user.

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How to load new APK

using IPTV Set top box


Our FreeTV-123 IPTV-4K model is opened to allow installing 3rd party APK file if you expect the subscribe for more TV entertainment services. A details for guiding instructon is decribed on the instruction manual. What you need will be saved your new apk to an USB thumb drive. Plug it into either USB port on box, enter to the Box program folder and follow the pop up to assign the apk location and find it. Then, run an installation as usual according to several prompts on screen. After done, the APK ICON will be inside the app applicaion folder. You can send it to the desktop or favorite bin.

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*Text Message suspended. Please send by email.

Business Opportunity Contact: WHATSAPP +507 6650-6507; Email to: business@507freecall.com

Customer Service and Technical Support: +507 6650-6507

Tweeter/ Facebook/ Instagram: @507freecall

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